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Pudding House Chapbook Competition

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Pudding House Chapbook Competition
« on: August 06, 2008, 06:55:58 AM »
Pudding House Chapbook Competition


Deadline: September 30 annually

10-36pp ms. Prefer around 24-28pp.

$15 entry fee payable to Pudding House.

Send to

Pudding House Chapbook Competition

81 Shadymere Lane

Columbus Ohio 43213

(614) 986-1881

$2000.00 First Place

divided between author ($1,000.00) &

a shelter program for the homeless ($1,000.00)

plus publication

20 free copies; deep discounts on optional additionals

Identify author/address on cover page. Some poems may be previously published but not the collection as a whole. Include credits for those poems and assure that you own copyright or have obtained permission to reprint. Pudding House does not buy permissions. Include About the Author statement with publications bio. B&W cover images optional; cover is always up to the publisher but we like to see author suggestions/input (not ideas, but the actual art) if you'd like. This will have no impact on competition results.

We often publish additional manuscripts among those entered.

Judged by editor, Jennifer Bosveld, sometimes with editorial staff for finals.